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Aromatic Fragrances & Atmosphere Articles

Our products are perfect for creating a peaceful, spiritual environment and contribute to your overall well-being thanks to the essential oils in their formulas.

TRANQUILLITY With a relaxing blend of Sweet Orange, Damascus Rose and Cedarwood essential oils, our iconic Tranquility fragrance will help you find moments of deep well-being and well-being, both during the day and before bed. Choose from our candles, sprays and home perfumes to find the best fit for your needs.

AROMASOUL for a spicier and fresher aroma, our Aromasoul line contains sparkling, citrusy hints reminiscent of the beneficial energy of the Mediterranean. Formulated with lemon, juniper, sage and geranium, Aromasoul is available in candle and spray formats to help your mind wander.

SKIN REGIMEN is a nice room spray or small roller for in your bag, with the naturally invigorating, balanced aroma of essential oils of juniper, copahu, rosewood and cedar wood. A unisex solution for a fresh, de-stressed atmosphere.