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Keep your skin more hydrated and radiant wherever you go with the new revolutionary HYDRAMEMORY - enriched with prickly pear extract!

SKIN-ADAPTIVE™ HYDRATION is an innovative technology that combines biomimetic textures with highly concentrated ingredients of natural origin. In addition, this technology has been specially developed to support the skin's functionality - enriched with bioactive ingredients that can influence the skin's ability to adapt to the external environment. This includes the botanical extract of the prickly pear, which the [comfort zone] team of scientists has been researching in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Parma, specially grown according to the guidelines of regenerative agriculture.

This technology improves the skin's adaptability, increasing its ability to retain moisture in different weather conditions by up to 10 times*, promoting both immediate and long-lasting hydration and a hydrated appearance.
*independent laboratory, instrumental evaluation of moisture retention capacity, 20 people, 1 application of the Rich Sorbet Cream.

One of the most important functions of the skin is to protect the body against moisture loss from within and against harmful external influences. She can do this thanks to the functioning of our skin barrier.
The environment we live in largely determines the well-being of the skin, and changes in humidity can greatly affect its balance. The moisture content of the skin is optimal when the humidity is between 40% and 60%. Below this percentage, the skin can experience stress, which affects both the functionality and the beauty of the skin.
The level of hydration affects not only macroscopic factors such as elasticity and skin feel, but also the enzymatic actions and cellular messages that are of great importance in monitoring the skin's vitality and maintaining a young, radiant appearance. [comfort zone] has conducted scientific research to analyze how environmental factors can influence the balance of the skin's biology and thus its hydration levels. Although the biological damage to the skin is personal for everyone, as it depends on age, genetic factors and varying exposure to environmental factors, the [comfort zone] research laboratories have discovered an innovative strategy that can improve the adaptation of all skin conditions in different climates .