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You can recognize dehydrated skin by the following characteristics:
the skin has very fine lines along the length of the skin and signs quickly. It feels tight, can feel burning when something is applied to it and looks patchy if you use liquid foundation.
What's the problem :
The skin has a chronic lack of moisture and lacks certain lipids (fats) in the epidermis. The acidity is out of balance. The skin has lost its healthy, fresh appearance and no longer feels supple and relaxed.
What does the skin need:
Hydration!!!! The skin needs to be well protected and needs freshness and a moisture boost.
Air conditioning (often flying), a lot of wind, heat (sun-sunburn), drinking too little fluid, too many diuretic drinks such as coffee and certain fruits and vegetables that act as diuretics. Good examples of this are lemon, pineapple, kiwis, cucumber, carrots, fennel and asparagus. Probably a combination of all this... drinking too much water is also not good...
Solutions for the skin of your face:
Pamper your skin regularly with moisturizing products. There is a lot to 'prevent and cure' with. It's a matter of finding out together what works best for you!